Lately, I have noticed a welcome trend in the making and creating of guitars. Art.

So why now, why after 3-4 decades of the focus being vintage reissues, accuracy and allowing us to own reproductions of iconic guitars as played by the rock and folk legends in the 20th Century? Simple.

Newer generations as well as older folks are looking for something unique, different and something that says “wow, this is really cool…”.

Many talented luthiers are responding in kind and producing some incredible guitars. Artists with solid design and engineering knowledge are slowly becoming recognized. We see these unique guitars on TV shows like Saturday Night Live, Grammy and other music award shows, late night talk shows such as Conan…

They have also moved up with main floor venues such as Namm.

Value is created by one off builds, famed luthiers and increased quality of function and electronics learned by mastering reissue guitars with accurate specs, then applying them to art forms that shout out to us.

There is plenty of room for pure vintage, vintage reissues and art creations to thrive in the marketplace and we are all very lucky that these choices all add to the fun of owning/buying with investment quality values.

I have added a couple of photos that well describes guitars as art.

David Peterson

David Peterson

My love is passion is guitars. Since 1967 with paper route money in hand, I bought my first guitar and amp. Since then, some 50 plus years later my involvement within the industry has grown and now I am focused on players, musicians and collectors alike to help them keep their treasures, buy pieces that are special to them and help them get top dollar in the marketplace. Guitars ARE collateral in our world !

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