I’m excited to announce a new series that we are putting together each week called “Guitar Myth Breakers” … fact vs. fiction. Several renowned experts that have been involved in our industry, from builders, designers and executives have reached out and will join me in the journey to dispel common myths that have been, at times, accepted as fact.

It’s fascinating when you think of all the little bits and pieces we hear on subjects like :

  • larger headstocks on CBS Stratocasters
  • long, transitional and short neck tenons on 1968-70 Les Pauls
  • Brazilian vs. Indian vs. Madagascar rosewoods
  • PAF vs. Patent # humbuckers (1957-1963)
  • custom colors…all brands

…and on and on…almost endless!

    Beginning in late February we’ll take one topic at a time by pointing out the commonly held myths and then detailing what actually is behind the changes that evolved…and why…!

As we proceed along this journey, I sincerely invite you to suggest a topic that intrigues you and your guitar pals. I will do my level best to get to each topic and make this a fun interactive adventure. I do ask that we all be respectful. There is no room for stone throwing here…adding content and facts are always welcomed!

In the meantime, I invite you all to meet a very good friend of mine, Antonio Calvosa. Living in Rome, Italy…Antonio manages the Stratocaster Italian Club. His passion for all things Fender is both inspiring and enlightening. Have a look at his passion on www.fuzzfaced.net

All the very best,

David Peterson


David Peterson

David Peterson

My love is music...my passion is guitars. Since 1967 with paper route money in hand, I bought my first guitar and amp. Since then, some 50 plus years later my involvement within the industry has grown and now I am focused on players, musicians and collectors alike to help them keep their treasures, buy pieces that are special to them and help them get top dollar in the marketplace. Guitars ARE collateral in our world !

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