We often hear the words “…a picture is worth a thousand words…”

While true indeed, then how does one create the scene, portrait, landscape and objects to tell all 1,000 words? Like most of us, I can get about 15 words!

I’ve decided to do something about it while self isolating during these Orsonic daze…

To begin, I began looking at what doesn’t work…easy step.

Next I hired a local photographer that knows more than I… to see if I could shed more light on the basics.

I chose poorly, yet by doing so realized that even the experienced pros fall into the same trap…failure to tell the story with emotion! Yes, emotion…much as a singer brings to the performance. Passion, skill, soul and talent…I’ll call this PSST !!!

My journey to understand this ART led me to my dear friend from grade school days in Montreal. We were band mates in 1967 at age 11, guitar geeks and now, some 50 years later, we connected again to merge our talents. His name is Gary Ray Rush, one of the most talented photographers in the world. I am enrolled in his incredible online course to find my inner Ansel…or shall I say TRY.

Gary and I will work together on some articles/blogs that will be on this website every other week or so. This series will be called ‘Gary and Dave Shoot Guitars’ …unless a better title pops up!

Check out his company at www.garyrayrushphotography.com

We all know the life/live rules and precautions that are essential to abide by these next few weeks, so please, be safe, listen to the guidelines and we’ll all get through this together.

With much love to all,


David Peterson

David Peterson

My love is music...my passion is guitars. Since 1967 with paper route money in hand, I bought my first guitar and amp. Since then, some 50 plus years later my involvement within the industry has grown and now I am focused on players, musicians and collectors alike to help them keep their treasures, buy pieces that are special to them and help them get top dollar in the marketplace. Guitars ARE collateral in our world !

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