If you can afford to spend around a thousand bucks on a guitar, you’d better prepare to become the envy of your pals, as your generous budget allows you to choose from a staggering level of quality.

Whether you have your eye on a genuine American Strat, a one-of-a-kind body design, or the signature axe from your favorite shredder, that $1000 pretty much guarantees you’ll find a guitar you love, and one that will last a lifetime.

Naturally there are a few duds out there, but providing you are clever you’ll be able to find something that rivals even those expensive guitars worth thousands.

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David Peterson

David Peterson

My love is music...my passion is guitars. Since 1967 with paper route money in hand, I bought my first guitar and amp. Since then, some 50 plus years later my involvement within the industry has grown and now I am focused on players, musicians and collectors alike to help them keep their treasures, buy pieces that are special to them and help them get top dollar in the marketplace. Guitars ARE collateral in our world !

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