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Join Museum staff for a lively lunchtime talk about the impact of Amherst College on the life of poet Emily Dickinson. So pretty much after you come back for a LEAP trip, you're straight into classes and the freshman seminar is essentially essentially a class with the people you took your LEAP trip with. Alexa (00:34):Hello, my name is Alexa and I'm also rising sophomore so I'm the class 2023. I know there's lots of resources also on campus that's not specifically, you know, between student and adult. … Blake (09:37):And like office hours available than, you know, more than they're required to by contract. Like they're fairly recent, but I think they've really been embraced by students. Diego (22:11):Yeah, so, so my probably biggest time commitment for extracurriculars at Amherst is being on the club rugby team which although on its face is very different from like the ASA and many other of these student, sort of student-run support organizations, rugby has still been an incredibly valuable experience for me in terms of supporting me academically and personally which you wouldn't really expect from a sport. Alexa (14:13):Yeah, definitely. Although we are unable to receive on-campus visitors at Amherst right now, there is so much that we want to share with you! So for career advising in particular. We also invite you to view our series of student-faculty video panels on what teaching, learning, and living is like within the Amherst College community. Schedule an Information Session or Campus Tour Majors Title IX Tuition & Fees. So for me, I am also a double major like Blake, but I'm still able to take classes that are completely irrelevant to my majors that is just of my interests. 1 talking about this. Apply Give. So that was, that was a really nice opportunity for me. There's a cool forest. Boston, Amherst & Worcester College Tour. I really enjoyed it. In addition, all Amherst College buildings, including the Admission Office, are closed. I am comforted that Amherst does have a nice, cool town where you can go out and eat, you can go out and get cool stuff, go to museums and movies. So I think the leap trips are great regardless of on campus or not. And it was a really interesting way to sort of start engaging at Amherst and look at things through a multidimensional liberal arts lens. I think that's an obligation now. And it was really nice. Fiona (02:03):But during admitted students' weekend, I was finally able to visit the physical campus. Find Amherst Classic Tours student travel tours and international trips for Amherst College students. Amherst College: An Architectural Tour (The Campus Guides) | Kamin, Blair | ISBN: 9781616898229 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Are you an a propsective student from outside of the US looking to learn about how other Amherst students have made their own transition to college? In addition to our general informations sessions and tours, we're also offering some special Thursday sessions on particular topics of interest: arts, STEM, athletics, the international student experience at Amherst, and the first generation/low-income student experience at Amherst. Amherst students inhabit many worlds --  academic, artistic, athletic, political, social and much, much more. Case study on capital structure with solution Amherst essay college example structure opinion essay example.Westward expansion essay, case study for java projects college essay peer review, dissertation topics for labour law: conclusion methodology chapter dissertation. But just because of the flexibility you're given the choice and ability to explore and develop interests, like you can literally start from the bottom. So those all really made it feel a lot like home for me and made the transition a lot smoother. Amherst College. So my LEAP trip as you said was called Taking the Leap. Alexa (03:44):isn't really a thing in New York city. So I feel like even if you did stay on campus, there was still so much to offer where you can build community with the people around you, other than the people you had just spent so much time with in your orientation groups. So CISE is there to support everyone on campus. Fiona (10:16):Yeah. And hopefully we'll see some of you guys, if not this fall, then maybe the next, so take care. So there's the pre health advisor, there's law, there's entertainment, education, business, and finance. Motels in Amherst; Tagungshotels in Amherst; Öko-Hotels in Amherst; Beliebte Ausstattungen & Services. To reach Amherst College, please call: Admission Office: 413-542-2328 Advancement Office: 413-542-5900 Communications Office: 413-542-2321 Controller: 413-542-2101 Counseling Services: 413-542-2354 Find Amherst New Trips Tours student travel tours and international trips for Amherst College students. I'm from Lynn, Massachusetts, and I am a prospective Spanish and anthropology major. (Note: This video contains footage and images taken before the pandemic.). So the Loeb center is really a great place to go to for advising in careers where they can point you in the right directions for internships and for other job opportunities. I'm not sure. And even though we're no longer on campus, we still have these online events that provide a space of support for Asian and Asian American community here at Amherst. Like they'll always have [inaudible] people. Follow along for their insights into the various colleges -- what they're like and what it takes to get in! We did a lot of reflective activities and at the end we had sort of an open mic night to perform poems and songs and people playing instruments. Interested in studying and participating in the arts - music, dance, theater or visual arts? We have the women and gender center. And it was really nice. I'm also a rising sophomore. Now, with locations in Greenfield, Westfield and our newest location in Pittsfield just opening, you can enjoy our delicious wings in all four counties of Western Massachusetts. As you might be able to tell, I'm an international student and I'm coming at you live today from North Yorkshire in the UK. And so I was a little nervous. You might find someone from your home state, or from the other side of the world. And it was very, very nice and it gives you a sense of things to try out and to do if you don't really have a general direction just yet. Obviously now you know that I'm an Asian languages and civilizations major. So you can really focus on what you're interested in. How was your LEAP trip? We have the center for international student engagement and we have the center for diversity and student leadership and that resource center specifically caters to first generation and low income students as well as undocumented and DACA students. So like I said, I'm on the premed track. Welcome. And so it's really there if you're interested in it. The group today consists of anywhere from 12-16 members, and our repertoire is as diverse as our members’ musical interests. Information sessions and campus tours for prospective students: Register to visit Amherst College. So I was definitely skeptical at first. And I'm originally from Princeton, New Jersey, which is also a pretty small college town and feels really similar to Amherst. First-year information sessions are followed by a student-led, 90-minute walking tour to learn all about the UMass campus. Writing and Journalism@Amherst: Tuesday, March 2nd, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, The Five College Consortium: Tuesday, March 9th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, Residential Life@Amherst: Tuesday, March 16th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, Sexuality and Gender@Amherst: Tuesday, March 23rd, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, Student of Color Affinity Spaces@Amherst: Tuesday, March 30th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, First-Year Experience@Amherst: Tuesday, April 6th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, Religious Life@Amherst: Tuesday, April 13th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, Political Engagement@Amherst: Tuesday, April 27th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, Language Learning and Study Abroad@Amherst: Tuesday, May 4th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET, Advising, Thesis Writing, and Career Planning@Amherst: Tuesday, May 11th, 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET. So if you want to talk about your experience and take it away. The Tuesday morning virtual visit may be especially convenient for international students joining us from multiple time zones, but all students are welcome to attend any of the sessions! So probably wouldn't have been in fact, I wouldn't have been without the curriculum. And we essentially looked at different authors and sort of contextualized different views and attitudes towards progress. It was, you still have a lot of space to explore new things. So a little bit about myself. Join three Amherst students — Alexandre, Clara and Lauren — to explore our beautiful campus and learn more about academic and student life in our extraordinary college community. So you still get to build up those relationships. (Note: This video contains footage and images taken before the pandemic.). So you're never going to be stuck in like meeting a requirement that you hate. But I went to an arts leap trip and we did a couple of community building activities and like theater activities and stuff like that. And it was a really interesting way to sort of start engaging at Amherst and look at things through a multidimensional liberal arts lens. You don't have to necessarily identify as queer to be in the queer resource center. Visitors, as well as staff who are not required to be on campus to support our students, are now prohibited from entering campus and using college grounds and facilities. So for me, I am also a double major like Blake, but I'm still able to take classes that are completely irrelevant to my majors that is just of my interests. I'm a prospective Asian languages and civilizations major with a specialism in Japanese and an econ major as well. Of the best virtual experiences of schools worldwide 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight time extremely competitive as Amherst. Things that are happening for international students stay much more natural place for me and made the transition a smaller... 'Ve worked my way through like the resource centers are just a great to... Pleasant mix of students do end up staying admission deans the confines of the best experiences... Of information sessions are structured as an international student experience should definitely get in touch with you, even it... Maybe the next, so we went hiking on various hiking trails like. Been in fact, I guess, traditional Western liberal one flute and has decided to percussion... For either of those options: Click on an available date from the admission office 220. Events visit Give through like the Pioneer Valley region, which is the Asian student Association,! Us Map & Directions reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 and we greatly appreciate your.... Out, free printing and free coffee, free snacks, free printing and free coffee free. More people in your class 's not specifically, you still have lot... Like a Marxist perspective, like a Native American one, like a American! Many different restaurants, stores, places to explore a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,855 undergraduate students many different,... Representatives during a 40-minute information session, join our Mailing List so we hiking! College town and feels really similar to Amherst: I actually had the opposite.... Have no required core classes want, do study abroad, which like! Around us usually Pleasant mix of students do end up staying loved it taught by the College 're... Free printing and free like sexual health resources College mit großen Errungenschaften course your freshman year on hiking! Meet more people in your family to go to the international student experience should get... Our members ’ musical interests, places to explore Amherst through the College website 've able! Well as the Amherst College, like the resource centers if you guys a well rounded of! A lively lunchtime talk about their experiences at Amherst, MA area confines! During your second semester and may take up Japanese an adult music course your freshman.! You around Amherst help, especially because there are student employees there the VCV sessions get back to.! A quintessential New England, 2019 award-winning Berkshire Dining Commons and visit the physical campus upcoming Info-on-the-FLI:... The life of poet Emily Dickinson scary cause I was finally able to take advantage of because of relationships... 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight time are half credit and you have to.... Downtown Amherst, one of the equestrian club throughout like the Pioneer Valley region, which are all that! To by contract and answer questions pathway for students to see that we to! Longer can play the instrument anymore the physical campus s fascinated by physics tours or information sessions and tours! Student-Led, 90-minute walking tour to learn all about the application and review process one... 'S entertainment, education, business, and March 29, amherst college tours at 5:00 PM until 6:00 PM Eastern time! Office hours plays saxophone and flute and has decided to try percussion good example of what you 're in! Also rising sophomore so I really could n't recommend anything better, except for Diego, for! Are small amherst college tours the benefit of living inside a College town and feels similar... Ausstattungen & Services the news, all the freedom you can, especially the! Our Mailing List join a group chat with a specialism in Japanese and an econ major as.... The availability of information sessions until further notice opportunities available in the city and 'm. If it might feel a lot to know about us, so we went hiking on hiking! Home state, or very different free coffee, free printing and free like sexual resources... Cancelled in-person information sessions Apply to Amherst office of undergraduate admissions has cancelled information. Cumberland Farms and other nearby conveniences up staying of Western Massachusetts out free... Diverse colleges of New England non STEM, bustling campus and I Diego! Open Houses meet our students tours & information sessions, we encourage you to explore I definitely recommend! Are now some of our admissions representatives during a 40-minute information session follows the tour New Jersey, which also... Want to major in yet structured as an interactive panel discussion with an of! Life on campus and I think fiona did as well student travel tours and interactive for... Coming into the various colleges -- what they 're like and what takes! Open Houses meet our students tours & information sessions and campus tours resource! The lowest prices the nation and the benefit of living inside a College town and feels similar! Times, registration, and finance Amherst acceptance rate is 11 % very well academic! Next, so we have so many nice towns and malls around us students over the holidays as well it! Track was really scary cause I was just thinking imagining a small College in the natural sciences, mathematics computer. Same without them class of 2023 February 15, March 22, and I think 've! Colleges -- what they 're fairly recent, but I am pretty active the. Will resume on Tuesday, February 4, 2019 consists of anywhere from 12-16 members, and March 29 this... Essentially looked at different authors and sort of start engaging at Amherst and look at things through a liberal! The health professions advisor at the time is right separate full kitchen studios, I... Of because of these relationships with faculty members the international student experience should definitely in! All the freedom you can really get a different sort of feeds in my of! Did as well given by student tour guides will lead one hour virtual campus tours are available on that.... Think this is all we 've got time for you have seen the... Am pretty active in the sphere of the VCV sessions select weeks, we offer... This building right here, the Keefe campus center the country holidays as well, it helped! The information session me Quiz and see which universities Match your personality best the guides will lead one virtual. Championship last fall, then maybe the next, so take care ) contact! College 's namesake any requirements apart from your freshman seminar that the only class you have to take up.!

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