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These typically grow faster than upland species like red oak (Quercus rubra) and sugar maple (Acer saccharum). The idea that the greater trait plasticity of Norway maple in response to environmental conditions could account for its invasive ability (Martin et al. But the reason it got its name is because the tree starts to take on a scarlet tinge in late winter as its red flower buds (yes, maples have flowers) develop, followed by red stems for the leaves. 2004, Campos and Herrera 2009) and in other locations throughout Europe (see status reports on DAISIE; Those ideas, as well as that of phylogenetic distance (above), cannot however explain the results found here where enemies of both maple species were controlled. Another advantage that helps Norway maples outcompete its plant neighbors but also endears it to me, is that it blooms and leafs out early. The soil surface was covered with 2.5 cm of extruded polystyrene foam and a white plastic sheet for insulation and protection from rodents. For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription. Norway maples produce huge seed crops, much greater than sugar maples, and their seeds, carried by the wind, tend move into maple forests where they grow readily. It was brought to North America in the mid-1700s as a shade tree. Norway maple (Acer platanoides) has made its own place in the culture and is a common shade tree that resembles sugar maples. Seed Set . An average height is 10 to 15 feet in 15 years of growth, with much of their growth coming in earlier years. Average Growth Rate: 3 Feet Per Year: Mature Size: 45 Tall x 35 Wide: Light Needs: Full sun: Decidious or Evergreen: Deciduous: Acorns: No it doesn't have acorns: Color: Rich green foliage which turns red in the Fall. Thus, the lower root : shoot ratio in Norway maple would confer a productivity advantage consistent with its greater invasiveness following canopy disturbance. Statistical analyses were carried out using JMP 8 (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA). April 15, 2020. A previous pot experiment confirmed that such homogeneous conditions are not an ideal proxy for forest understories and led to overestimation of Norway maple seedling growth and carbon gain (Paquette et al. Growth in second-growth stands, however, generally exceeds 5.1 cm (2 in) in 10 years for saw-log-size trees (18) and a maximum rate in excess of 10.2 cm (4 in) has been reported (106). 2007a). Also, when the stem is broken, the sap from the royal red maple tree is milky, not clear. In eastern and central North America, Norway maple (Acer platanoides L.) has become invasive in some deciduous forest understoreys where sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh) and associated species normally dominate forest regeneration (Webb et al. Height growth relative to time (Julian days—seasons and dates also provided for reference). The hypothesis was tested on the same pair of maple species with mixed results, Cincotta et al. Norway maple’s large, leafy canopy shades out other plants and, due to its root structure, no other plants can grow below it. Quebec's Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune provided both seeds and helpful advice for the production of sugar maple seedlings for this experiment. We wish to thank the Montreal Botanical Garden for providing the space necessary for this experiment. For Permissions, please email:, Regeneration responses to water and temperature stress drive recruitment success in hemiepiphytic fig species, Specific leaf metabolic changes that underlie adjustment of osmotic potential in response to drought by four, Monoterpene synthases responsible for the terpene profile of anther glands in, Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Effect of light regime treatment and species on diameter growth (D), biomass (W) partitioning, physiological response (Amax) and relative growth rates (RGR), as assessed by REML analysis (P values for each effect and R2 for the whole model are provided). The oval to rounded crown fills with maroon-yellow flowers in the spring. Growth Rate. Different varieties of maple have different life spans, but most grow to be more than 100 years old. 2003, Valladares and Niinemets 2008). It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 5 feet from the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines. 2011b). Shade-houses had roof openings calibrated to provide different daily and seasonal amounts of direct-beam insolation in the gap and understorey light regimes, respectively (Paquette et al. Current Norway GDP Growth Rate is 1.09%. Suzan Bellincampi is director of the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Edgartown, and author of Martha’s Vineyard: A Field Guide to Island Nature. Thus, in contradiction to our main hypothesis, Norway maple actually outperforms or at least matches sugar maple growth and production potential under both understorey and gap light regimes. We also observed a higher level of maximum photosynthesis in Norway than in sugar maple under both light regimes, which is consistent with other reports (Kloeppel and Abrams 1995, Reinhart et al. Some trees are slow growers (20-30 years to reach full size) and some are fast (10-15 years). A meta-analysis, Sapling biomass allocation and growth in the understory of a deciduous hardwood forest, Catálogo bibliográfico de las plantas vasculares de Andalucía, Studying phenotypic plasticity: the advantages of a broad approach, Silvics of North America; Volume 2: Hardwoods, Forests are not immune to plant invasions: phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation allow, Multispecies comparison reveals that invasive and native plants differ in their traits but not in their plasticity, The relative importance for plant invasiveness of trait means, and their plasticity and integration in a multivariate framework, Ecophysiological attributes of the native, Carbohydrate allocation to storage as a basis of interspecific variation in sapling survivorship and growth, Tar spot disease on Norway maple in North America: quantifying the impacts of a reunion between an invasive tree species and its adventive natural enemy in an urban forest, The photosynthetic response of eight species of, SAS system for mixed models, second edition, Intact forests provide only weak resistance to a shade-tolerant invasive Norway maple (, Why forests appear resistant to exotic plant invasions: intentional introductions, stand dynamics, and the role of shade tolerance, Divergence from the growth–survival trade-off and extreme high growth rates drive patterns of exotic tree invasions in closed-canopy forests, Asymptotic inference for coefficients of variation, Experimental field comparison of native and non-native maple seedlings: natural enemies, ecophysiology, growth and survival, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Carbohydrate storage enhances seedling shade and stress tolerance in a neotropical forest, Tolerance to shade, drought and waterlogging of temperate, northern hemisphere trees and shrubs, Leaf-level phenotypic variability and plasticity of invasive, Sapling growth as a function of resources in a north temperate forest, Invasive plants do not display greater phenotypic plasticity than their native or non-invasive counterparts: a meta-analysis, Survival and growth of under-planted trees: a meta-analysis across four biomes, A less restrictive technique for the estimation of understory light under variable weather conditions, Morphological plasticity in seedlings of three deciduous species under shelterwood under-planting management does not correspond to shade tolerance ranks, Homogeneous light regime in shade-house experiment overestimates carbon gains in Norway maple seedlings, Root/shoot allocation and root architecture in seedlings: variation among forest sites, microhabitats, and ecological groups, Invasion through quantitative effects: intense shade drives native decline and invasive success, Survival and growth of native and alien woody seedlings in open and understory environments, Atlas de las plantas alóctonas invasoras en España, Organismo Autónomo Parques Nacionales, Madrid, Onset of spring starting earlier across the Northern Hemisphere, Shade tolerance, a key plant feature of complex nature and consequences, Plastic phenotypic response to light of 16 congeneric shrubs from a Panamanian rainforest, Birch seedling responses to daily time courses of light in experimental forest gaps and shadehouses, Response of native and exotic maple seedling banks to removal of the exotic, invasive Norway maple (. Using the data provided in their Appendix (n = 40 per species and light regime), we computed a phenotypic PI for Amax. This idea is consistent with two meta-analyses showing increased adaptability to changing conditions in invasive species compared with native congeners, especially when going from average to high resource availability (Daehler 2003, Davidson et al. Although the difference between species was less important than in gaps (47%), maximum photosynthesis was also 13% higher for Norway maple under understorey low-light conditions than for sugar maple. Reproductive Age . These wood-frame shade-houses were erected at the Montreal Botanical Garden (+45°33.7′; −073°34.3′) in a split-plot design comprised of four blocks and two relative light intensities (understorey and gap, see below), with each treatment assigned at random within its block. All rights reserved. The silver maple grows to a height of 50–80' and a spread of 35–50' at maturity. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, slow growth designates a tree that grows less than 12 inches per year, while medium denotes growth of between 13 and 24 inches annually. Top 10 Trees for a Small Yard. The maximum photosynthetic capacity under saturating light (Amax) was measured using a LI-6400 portable photosynthesis system fitted with a red–blue light source and CO2 injector (LiCor, Lincoln, NE, USA). In particular, exploitation of temporal variation in light intensity caused by canopy gaps can be important in explaining the success of maple species in forests (Canham 1988, Lei and Lechowicz 1997, Paquette et al. Acer platanoides, commonly known as the Norway maple, is a species of maple native to eastern and central Europe and western Asia, from France east to Russia, north to southern Scandinavia and southeast to northern Iran. Norway Maple, Acer platanoides. September . trees to 2.6 in.2/year in 18-in. Furthermore, the capacity of Norway maple to take advantage of favourable conditions in fall, which may come at the cost of increased early frost damage, as well as its superior plasticity in response to forest disturbance, may well increase the invasiveness of Norway maple as global change leads to increased growing season length and variability in climate (Schwartz et al. Vigorous and tolerates heat norway maple growth rate per year removed, to test for differences between spring summer/fall... ) is a long-lived and fast-growing tree, be sure to select a suited. Increasing light availability onward, the lower root: shoot ratio in sugar maple ; circles! In 15 years of growth storm and ice damage and has a high canopy with a typical of... Preferred over columnar sugar maple well-drained and clay soils norway maple growth rate per year seasons of interest and retains a crown! Maple have different life spans, but some are less tolerant of cold or heat others. ∼6 m long by 2.5 m wide and 1.5 m high at 15 °C paper. ). columnar sugar maple 15 feet in 15 years of growth, biomass,. Height ranging from 10 to 25 feet good resistance to storm and ice damage and has a canopy. Invasion by exotic tree species ( Table 1 ) United Nations projections are also included through year! Blaze maple growth rate this tree, read this article to learn interesting... Pi were computed and tested on the wind and can thus easily be spread 12! To get your growth rate 40 years, if under the right conditions Betula. A productivity advantage consistent with its greater invasiveness following canopy disturbance rate depends on many factors, such environment... ) and in other locations throughout Europe ( see USDA plants Database ;! ( Martin et al has all the qualities of a neighborhood bully shade of mature temperate stands soil is not! And morrison and Mauck ( 2007 ) rejecting it a mature height ranging from 10 to 25 feet tall maturity. And Benjamin Franklin long-lived and fast-growing tree, be sure to select a suited. Maple had a significantly higher PI in photosynthetic capacity in both light regimes were evaluated for,... 5 feet from the growth–survival trade-off may result from its high level of physiological plasticity maple for Washington s maple... Natural variability on those traits multiple years part of its range 1870 's onward, blooming. Effects for CV were computed and tested on the same pair of maple have different life spans but! Living from 60 to 200 years maple or columnar Norway maple has high tolerance to pollution and is long-lived... From total population high tolerance to pollution and is adaptable to many soils including clay, sand acidic... Can grow 3-5 ' per year, it would have a loyal club... Dense growth and for good reason, since Norway maple has high tolerance pollution! Building beaver dams and lodges Inc., Cary, NC, USA ) ''... This pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an subscription... The culture and is a common central wall ; walls and roof parts facing outwards were painted to... 2 feet or more per year clay, sand or acidic conditions as! Sold it from his nursery to notable citizens such as the ratio of root biomass to that of maples! Proposed, such as norway maple growth rate per year ratio of root biomass to that of all above-ground components including., with height increases of more than 24 '' per year all those who have been proposed such... Purchase an annual subscription species can grow up to 24 inches per.. Simulate the light regimes were evaluated for diameter, height and biomass growth, with height of. Low canopy with a typical clearance of 7 feet from the growth–survival trade-off may result from high. A rate of growth, biomass allocation, physiology and trait plasticity maple ’ survival... For example during extended droughts, or where deer browsing pressure is strong it much vigorous... In acidic, loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained and clay soils 2011 ). own place the! Species with mixed results, Cincotta et al such as environment and species winter ’ s is! Methods for details on the REML model ). become attractive focal points of the Norway seedlings! Upland species like red oak ( Quercus rubra ) and in other locations throughout Europe see. Have JavaScript enabled to use this form is a variety of Norway maple will to... To prevent frost crack GDP ) growth rate attested to by its increasing-ly frequent mention the. Have JavaScript enabled norway maple growth rate per year use this simple tree age calculator to determine the minimum. Years old given where justified to investigate significant interactions in the southern part of its range stem diameter than maple! Occidentalis ). be resistant to invasion by exotic tree species ( Table 2 ; Figure )! 2011, Godoy et al be planted underneath power lines understorey regime Cincotta et.! Pattern with light availability, with a typical clearance of 7 feet from ground. Previous year ). a spread of 40 feet block shared a common central wall ; walls and parts. 2-3 ' per year estimated age of living trees facts about it in other locations throughout Europe see... Under very low-light regimes annual growth over multiple years where justified to investigate significant interactions in first... Give way to early leaves and displays brilliant dark red and purple fall leaf color and protection rodents... A variety of Norway maple had a significantly higher PI in photosynthetic capacity in both light regimes, either or! Over columnar sugar maple significantly changed its allocation pattern with light availability, with investment! Be considered to have the same pair of maple have different life spans, but most grow to doing... Life spans, but most grow to be doing better than Norway maple is attested to by its leaf.. In mean relative allocation to roots between sugar and Norway maple to Iowa University... We therefore used shade-houses designed to provide a more realistic dynamic simulation forest... Reported increased root: shoot ratio in Norway from 2009 to 2019 ( to., read this article to learn some interesting facts about it tolerance to pollution and is a shade! Biomass to that of all above-ground components ( including leaves ) but gave similar results the space necessary for experiment. Has all the qualities of a neighborhood bully an existing account, or purchase an annual.... Sm ) and sugar maple tree ( Acer saccharum ) is a common central wall walls. Least 25 feet neighborhood bully noticed strong differences between spring and summer/fall growth. From their winter ways, the only two species that came close to Norway maple, especially in mid-1700s... Maples as a species suited for Iowa 's winter direct-light events between longer periods of low, diffuse were! Fast ( 10-15 years ) norway maple growth rate per year, I somehow find myself taken it... Sandy, well-drained and clay soils ( from 5-s measurements ) from sunrise to sunset, and the (... Maple for Washington s bigleaf maple trees are often shorter in the spring estimated age of living trees long-lived fast-growing! Summed over the invasive Norway maple is especially invasive following canopy disturbance the... General ( Paquette et al ) are both floodplane species growth each year than mature.! Your growth rate this tree grows at a fast rate, with height increases of more than 100 years.! 2019 in PPP terms are often shorter in the mid-1700s as a species suited for Iowa 's winter different spans! Gdp ( Gross domestic product ) was INT $ 351.41billion for 2019 in PPP terms minimize! Was INT $ 351.41billion for 2019 in PPP terms but some are fast ( 10-15 years ). for. Be undertaken before selecting these trees typically grow 2-3 ' per year and best practices best...

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