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I honestly don't really enjoy, but don't hate engineering either. I graduated from university last year at the top of my year, I used to enjoy engineering at university as i found it challenging and I enjoy doing maths. However, you don’t have to leave engineering to … I enjoyed being an engineer, but I quit my job in 2012 to become a stay-at-home dad Hello everyone, I've read some of the stories of people on these forums and felt a bit better about myself after knowing that I'm not the only one feeling this way, please endure with my story and I would appreciate any kind of advice since I'm at quite a loss here. Many times, engineering graduates feel the need to look for alternative career options as they want to advance in their careers or pursue other interests. you could always take a second major in humanities to boost a GPA after engineer school. 26 years old with a Civil engineering degree, but I hate engineering and currently feeling depressed bout my career life. These STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers pay well and the world demands more engineers every day. Thank you for … Alternative Jobs for Engineers. I hate math but every job I liked there is one part I hated about it so I guess I’m gonna stick to it and kick some butt and it may be the other way around sometimes as you said. An engineer’s fundamental skills, such as logical thinking, problem-solving and strong numeracy, are highly desirable in many other business sectors. Acquiring an engineering degree opens many doors. I am now working in industry as a design analyst and I absolutely hate it!! If you hate engineering yet don't have any idea what your passion really is, just stick with engineering. For me it's only a way to pay for my expensive hobbies. However, an engineering career might not be a good fit for everyone. besides, if you get near perfect scores on MCAT with a engineering degree you still have an alright chance to get in mid tier medical schools or lower-high tier. As engineers are adept at troubleshooting and technical knowledge, many MNCs hire them for non-engineering jobs like sales and marketing, supply chain management, operations, governance, etc. I hate my engineering job!! Luckily, an engineering degree provides a useful background and will often set you up to work in a number of fields in different roles. I was honestly about to give up on becoming a computer hardware engineer. While most follow the traditional path and pursue different engineering jobs, some opt out and pursue a different career entirely; implementing the skills and knowledge they have gathered from their engineering background.. Technical Writer. Engineering is a great field to get into. IT, banking, finance and consulting are just a few of the options. Engineering can be a rewarding career but you may find that you lose interest in the work over the years.

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