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chris redfield birthday

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Chris returns as one of four protagonists in Resident Evil 6 where he and his partner Piers Nivans attempt to stop a worldwide bio-terrorism attack. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Other Information Leon decides to take a chance. Corrupted-Pleasures. He is introduced as a former U.S. Air Force pilot[11] hailing from New York City,[12] and a member of the Raccoon City Police Special Tactics And Rescue Service's (STARS) Alpha team, sent to investigate the disappearance of Bravo team after their helicopter goes missing in a nearby forest. 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Chris Redfield is one of the main characters from the Resident Evil series. GameSpot gave Chris the special award for "character most likely to fail a performance-enhancing drug test" in the Dubious Honors awards in 2009, adding that "the man is clearly a walking pharmacy". Captain. Character Profile Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. Also, Chris was not a STARS member, so he probably never met Jill in the movie universe either. Unlike Jill, he is not equipped with a lock-pick and needs to find keys. This is an early birthday and christmas present for my epic friend, ZombiiFiish. [14] That same year, Chris and his sister Claire were included in IGN's "Ultimate Zombie Strike Team", Chris for his "long, fruitful career killing zombies" that "proved that Umbrella's fearsome bio-weapons are no match for a lone warrior with guts". After Alice releases him, he is reunited with his amnesiac sister who doesn't remember him. [41] The plot involves the three protagonists trying to stop a man named Glenn Arias who is attacking New York City. [62] Chris was also repeatedly compared with Leon by IGN, both of them being regarded as the series' leading heroes. Chris is set to return in Resident Evil Village, a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. He reunites with his sister Claire Redfield, who was said to be searching for him. Chris receiving one of Alice's magnum revolvers. [24] In the game, Chris leads a squad of BSAA soldiers to investigate a bio-terror attack in Europe. He attempts to rescue his younger sister, Claire, from the Umbrella Corporation's research facilities on the fictional Rockfort Island, in the Pacific Ocean, and in Antarctica. He later became a drifter until enlisting (on Burton’s recommendation) in the newly established Raccoon City branch of the STARS. [49], A double-pack of action figures of Chris and the monster Cerberus was released in 1998 in the Resident Evil Series 1 by Toy Biz. In the end, only he, Claire and Alice are left. When they discovered Chris, he was dressed in prison garbs, and their immediate reaction was mistrust. Club-Street-fighter . [46] He returns in the game's sequel, Project X Zone 2. When they reach Arcadia, he fights side-by-side with Claire and Alice against Albert Wesker. First Appearance: Resident Evil 2. Has performed a back flip to avoid being cut into pieces by a trap which activates a series of laser beams in a small corridor. Chris continues to serve the BSAA in Piers' memory. During the escape, survivors are picked off by Undead and a mutated Undead. Can use heavy guns without much of a problem. Bennett haggles to be released over the intercom and irritates Chris so much that he shoots out the intercom to silence him. Claire and Chris unload their pistols into him and seal him inside the throne room with Bennett (one of the survivors from the Citadel prison). Miller said he prepared for the role by searching for images and videos of Chris on the Internet, as well as doing cardio for endurance. Chris teams up with Jill once again to neutralize the t-Abyss virus. Chris Redfield debuted in the original Resident Evil as one of the playable protagonists,[10] along with Jill Valentine, partnered with the rookie officer Rebecca Chambers. ", "RESIDENT EVIL 7 'NOT A HERO' DLC DELAYED, NEW CONTENT TEASED", "Capcom shows off a bit more of Resident Evil 7's free Chris Redfield DLC", "Resident Evil 7: How the New DLC Sets Up Resident Evil 8",, "A Look Back at George Romero's Rejected 'Resident Evil, "New Resident Evil CGI movie titled Resident Evil: Vendetta", "Resident Evil: Vendetta is a Reunion for Chris and Leon", "Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Will Be a "Living Comic" With A Deep Story", "Project X Zone - New characters bring the total to 32", "Project X Zone 2 Is Coming To The West This Fall", "Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Release Date And New Characters Revealed", "Conquer the looming fear! [63][64] In 2010, GamesRadar website featured his team-up with Sheva in an article about gaming's "most violent double acts" for their actions in Resident Evil 5.

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