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Lenny was one of the founding fathers of string theory. What is quantum field theory and how does it jive with Aristotelian concepts? Quantum Field Theory. What are virtual particles and do they disprove the principle of causality? Organizer(s): Collection URL: --Access-restricted-item true Addeddate 2019-07-03 08:36:09 Associated-names Zuber, Jean Bernard PIRSA:C09033 - 09/10 PSI - Quantum Field Theory Subscribe to podcast. Quantum Field Theory – Reality Is Not What You Think It Is | Podcast January 22, 2018 Quantum Field Theory is the current best understanding of the nature of reality that we have. Guest Bio . He has done an enormous amount of work in quantum field theory in the standard model, but today at the age of 78 he is leading the charge to understand the black hole information laws paradox. A Defence of Classical Theism. Dr. Nigel Cundy joins the podcast to discuss those questions and more as it related to his enormous book: What is Physics? xxii, 705 p. : 24 cm.

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