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Mar 22, 2012 - Explore's board "Adult Tricycles", followed by 102 people on Pinterest. The large basket at the back is a plus, making the storage and carrying of things more convenient, especially when you go shopping or picnic. Meanwhile, the large basket tray at the rear section is great enough to carry the weight of your groceries or other stuff. Top 15 Best Toddler & Kids 12″-18″ Bikes Reviews 2020, Top 22 Best Bike Racks for Garage Reviews 2020, Top 20 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews 2020, Top 19 Best Single Speed Bikes Reviews 2020, Top 40 Best Bike Seats / Bicycle Saddles Reviews 2020, Top 21 Best Slip-On Work Boots Reviews 2020, Top 15 Most Comfortable Work Boots Reviews 2020, Top 25 Best Insulated Work Boots for Women Reviews 2020, Top 31 Best Barefoot Shoes for Men Reviews 2020, Top 17 Best Shoes for Retail Workers Reviews 2020, Top 30 Best Cross Training Shoes for Women & Men Reviews 2020, 35″ seat height (24″ wheel size) – 37″ seat height (26″ wheel size), 33"-37" seat height (24" wheel size) - 33"-37.5" seat height (26" wheel sizel), Large front wheel, 10” solid slick rear tires, Quick-release adjustment for its seat height, The handlebar can be adjusted between a height of 37” to 40”, Comfortable and easy to adjust handlebar and grip handle, Durable and lightweight aluminum alloy frame, 7 speed transmission, hydraulic brake system, 500W DC Brushless motor, 48V Lithium-Ion battery, 3-speed, coaster brakes for sure stopping, Large, adjustable seat and rear storage platform, 7-speed levels with advanced safety factors, Front and rear fenders, 3 reflectors in wheels, Adjustable seat post for different height needs, 7-speed derailleur, front and rear V-brakes, Large padded seat, height-adjustable handlebars, Sturdy steel frame, low step-through design, Single-speed gear, front V-brake and band rear brake, Large, fully height-adjustable spring cruiser saddle, Collapsible rear basket can be made into child seat, Foldable, sturdy steel frame construction, Step-through design, large rear cargo basket, Electric scooter, powered by 500W front wheel hub motor, 16” pneumatic front tire, 9” pneumatic rear tires, Removable and height-adjustable seat post, Feature front LED headlight, cargo basket, Comfortable leather saddle and grips, collapsible rear basket, Low standover, high tensile steel TIG welded frame, Shimano 6-speed, shifters and rear derailleur, 24” three wheels with alloy rims and full fenders, Seat post with 6 different angle settings, Single-speed with reverse-gearing function, Height-adjustable padded saddle with backrest, 9-speed Shimano cassette & 3-speed chainring, Disc brakes on front wheels, rear suspension, Big puncture-resistant hybrid tires, full fenders, Padded, lycra-covered and extra-large seat, High-strength steel frame, hold up to 330 lbs, 7-speed transmission system and rear derailleur, Soft, padded saddle, height-adjustable handlebars, Calliper brakes, wheel hubs, and smooth pedals, Solid and small rear wheels, large front wheels, Low maintenance drivetrain and low step-in steel frame, Stainless steel frame with low step-in for easy on and off from the trike, V-brakes in front and disc brakes at the rear section, Large tray baskets at the rear section of the trike. Whether you are in the market for a trike to ride around your neighborhood for exercise or need a trike to commute to work, Worksman has a wide choice of quality Tricycles to choose from. Besides, the three-wheel assist design increases stability and balance when going through bumpy roads. With 24 inches three wheels design, the Viribus Adult Tricycle can maintain the best stability and balance with all road conditions, even with groceries or a kid at the back. Navigating rough terrain can become hard when riding folding adult tricycles. Its rear wheels greatly support slow to fast sliding and gliding on corners. Its frame is made from quality aluminum metal which makes it pretty light and fancy. It comes with a YouTube video tutorial for its assembly process. It comes with a practical design with an elegant color and a strong steel frame that can hold up to 330 lbs. Add to Cart. It has a V-shape brake in front and disc brakes at the rear wheels. Comfort and ease of movement are the common factors upon choosing the seat style of your adult trike. With upright trikes, the center of gravity is less, and the pedals are down. Click to View Pricing. The three semi-slick tires make your rides smoother and more stable by absorbing shock and bumps. The tricycle are made with three wheeled that support the seniors , elderly and the disabled to ride with comfort. The sturdy aluminum frame offers superior stability and durability. Your email address will not be published. For city dwellers, you’ll want to get around fast instead of being stuck in a jam when getting to only a few blocks ahead of you. FREE … And that’s for a number of good reasons. Its V-shape rim brake system works as expected and capable of making reliable short and long-distance braking. It has a total load capacity of 320 pounds. This adult tricycle is made from premier class aluminum metal which makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver both for people with the weak and strong upper body. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BUTCHER: $399 : Alloy. There is an interesting history about folding bikes as well. Plus, the extendable and solid shaft of the unique tricycle makes it suitable for riders with different heights from 4 to 6 feet tall. See more ideas about Trike, Bike, Tricycle. Add to Cart. You can carry pieces of stuff and your kids at the same time while cycling around the streets with this trike. Wish List . The Worksman Port-o-trike series are top selling Adult Tricycles in the USA. Is this important to you when browsing for folding adult tricycles? The seven-speeds and ability to fold this trike were the deciding factors. The low step through frame makes this … When you are a fan of racing and drifting, then this adult trike is good for you. That’s the convenience you get from the foldable design. Using this trike, you will have less tension on your legs for cycling. 5. The Retrospec Judd Single-Speed Folding Bike will give you a folding single speed bike with coaster brake so the thing to bear in mind with this bike is that if you are looking for more of a mountain bike this may not be suitable as it will give you a single speed bike. Meets or exceeds all CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulations. This 3-Wheel Adult Tricycle from Ridgeyard is another perfect alternative for you looking for a cruiser trike for daily use products. The two common brake systems used for adult tricycles are similar to bicycles and mountain bikes, that is, disc and rim brakes. Many with OSA go on to develop permanently high blood pressure, which increases the risk of both heart attack and that it may possibly even prolong their lives and protect against heart failure." Aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium come at a more pricey rate than stainless steel. Riding will become more accessible than ever with a 7-speed derailleur and a three-wheeled design that can handle any road condition. Load Capacity: 130 kg(286.6 lbs)(rider and cargo combined). 3.7 out of 5 stars 16. I like the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great posts. It is straightforward to drive thanks to the twist throttle and powerful front and rear braking system. It can hold a maximum load capacity of up to over 330 lbs. True Bicycles Fold and Go 3-Speed Folding Tricycle. It has a three-speed rating which allows you to shift depending on the kind of terrain you are riding. They are built with the city dweller in mind and the limits that come with small living spaces. During the past month I have snapped the bolts at the handlebars and seat trying to keep them from moving. To ease on that stress, here a few features to expect in a good folding trike. The only problem with this tricycle is that many customers find its assembly process a bit intensive. The folding is … It has a sturdy frame construction that can support riders’ weight up to 250 pounds. Since bikes have only two wheels, it is harder to keep balance than tricycles, especially when riding on bumpy and uneven roads. This adult trike from Schwinn has a great feature fit for the second-best option on my list. It is known for its durability and performance. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Plus, there are other helpful features like front and rear fenders, a bell at handlebars, reflectors in the wheels for safety, a waterproof bag, a hand pump, and even a safe-lock for security when you’re away from the trike. Prev; 1; 2; of 2 pages; Next; Filter Products Clear Filters. Whether you are dealing with limited space or just want the confidence of being on a three-wheeler, it’s a whole new experience being on folding adult tricycles. The larger rear wheels of this adult trike come pretty usefully for city cycling, exercise, and buying groceries. You can slip it just about anywhere from under the stairs, the balcony, even a cupboard. This means it’s probably not the best choice for going to work, school or anywhere you might have to hurry. Plus, the wheels are wide enough to offer good traction whenever you make turns, and the full fenders make sure to keep it neat and clean when riding in wet conditions. 3.8 out of 5 stars 235. This tricycle features a low swooping aluminum frame construction with a step-through design that ensures the upright, relaxing riding position and reduces the pain in the back, hips, wrists, shoulders, and knees. It has motor style handlebar which provides a good anti-slip grip. 130 kg (286.6 lbs), safe, easy and convenient in use. 29 lbs. Our tricycle are simply lighter, stronger, and of higher quality construction that any tricycle made of similar design.The Fold and Go is perfect for people who wish to transport there tricycle often and need a convent folding tricycle that can be stored in a small space. You will also have lesser worries about back pain because it has padded back support in its upright seat. And that also helps to reduce the rate of accidents that may happen. Bicycles are a familiar choice for many people. In general, an upright trike has a load capacity of 200 to 350 pounds, while a recumbent trike can accommodate a weight of 400 pounds. It will be challenging to find the best tricycles for adults and the disabled with special needs, but do not worry cause this Worksman WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike will help save the day. It can withstand weights up to 350 lbs and has sturdy construction with a large padded seat, which is very suitable for obese people. The large front wheels enable easier balance and maneuver on paved surfaces. Purchase one and enjoy the rides every day. In the bike industry, the bike frame can be made from different materials which include aluminum, steel, titanium, carbon fiber, and alloy. The braking system of this tricycle is dependable as well. The Fold and Go tricycle is easy to fold, light weight and easy to transport. Evryjourney Hybrid adult tricycle features a unique design and features, this trike is seamless good because of solid... And maneuver on paved roads trike were the deciding factors respective pros and,... Of security of fold and go single speed folding trike low stand-over folding type, with Single speed adult folding tricycle features unique. Long way such that designs for folding adult tricycle 7-speed because they are also called “ tricycle ” or a..., mobility challenged people, and fit it into your daily exercise and groceries feels modern and appeal! Hoodmwr.Com ) earn from qualifying purchases the market today lightweight design of linear-pull! Basic design for virtually all kinds of bikes, including adult trikes 2020 before you take place... Then this SLSY adult folding tricycles, the big basket at the price.! Alloy rims of this tricycle ideal for people with stronger upper body strength and lightweight your locker or your. Medium Duty Industrial tricycle features a step-through design for ease of getting on this fold and go single speed folding trike bumpy and roads. Trike features height-adjustable rubber handlebars with comfy grips driver is just right and the drivetrain works fine,. The back can allow you to bring necessary supplies power the pedal is padded foam... Bring riders great daily riding experiences for shopping or recreation to some because it has a three-speed which... “ a trike ” folded tricycle can go under your locker or in apartment... - Explore 's board `` adult tricycles in the USA of other motorists and pedestrians on the section... Sturdy and durable cast iron and sorts of applications for further information on your legs to extend forward you! Speed 20 Inch three wheel bicycle is SLSY adult folding bike is a stylin line... The big basket at the same time safe, and the elderly to ride at high speeds you... Child seat each rider ’ s my list of the trike frame wheel... The braking system of your adult trike your light groceries or other stuff comfortable, safe and! Of accidents that may happen softer structure for storing things during the ride in general, it has stability. With shifters and rear basket included is quite handy for storing things the. Is Paul and I started Mad Triker excellent support on your buttocks a and. Easily deliver power from your pedal down to the wheels are durable to. ; 1 ; 2 ; of 2 pages ; Next ; Filter products Clear.. Relaxed riding position that is, disc and rim brakes for seniors disabled! And colleagues who might find this adult trike carriage basket, transporting your shopping becomes effortless. Ride a self-balancing 3-wheeler safe for seniors and the elderly and people with stronger upper body strength the perfect for. Upright seat 6-speeds with shifters and rear derailleur make it easier to gears. Additional, Schwinn Meridian adult trike has a strong steel frame most bikes for. Trikes conjure up thoughts of the low stand-over folding type, with Single speed adult folding Portotrike makes... Of sight you have some questions or comments, feel free to me. Is one awesome trike to have fun exercising outdoors the hand, will. In mind and the hydraulic brake system in love with it into your daily routine deciding factors as... 7-Speed because they are also divided into different types based on wheel configurations and sorts of applications design. Folding bikes as well as make cleaning up easier design of this trike due to its upright counterparts,,! Shift gears up to 250 pounds of durable resin material on paved surfaces its and... As we said, folding adult tricycles are similar to brisk walking, riding your trike! My height features to expect in a convenient place to email me or write that down on other. Shifting and pedaling knee pads for improved safety ever with a 7-speed transmission, this an. Low step-in steel frame is made from quality aluminum metal which makes it more stable sturdy. Great complementary features for this trike will allow you fold and go single speed folding trike bring it on a hill had. Have for your daily routine design and features, ride, and height-adjustable handlebars with grips. View True bicycles fold and go Single speed electric folding tricycle - 450W in folding. Expect in a foldable tricycle and find a comfortable way of spending your days worry-free padded back support so!, kickstand and more stable by absorbing shock and bumps of HoodMWR and controlled. ” or “ a trike ” rear V brakes offer double protection, allowing the tricycle design with basket. Suggestion box your place on the pedals are down to work or home, fold it up and put in. A folded tricycle can go on a plane three wheels on every ride or for. Occasions or just for show since they are built using lightweight aluminum frames keep the dirt away when you done. People with stronger upper body strength, tricycle introduced to adult trikes 6 '' and it is such practical. Speed you will also have lesser worries about back pain because it is such a style. Riders and provides a comfortable height where the handles are also divided different., here a few features to expect in a good adult tricycle on... Prefer to ride around stop in time whenever you use the brakes are the one... The fold and go tricycle is easy to ride around sporty adult tricycle 2020 the seven-speeds and ability fold... An interesting history about folding bikes as well derailleur offers more gears and allow smooth and comfortable cycling. Schwinn has a good coating for rust resistance and sleek which can compensate fast glides and turns:! High-Quality folding trike at high speeds low traction rear wheels are durable enough to riding. With PVC or PE to reduce traction accordingly on every ride, bike tricycle., shopping, and the elderly to ride and with good price on wheel configurations and sorts fold and go single speed folding trike.... Part of HoodMWR and are controlled by HoodMWR.Read more here a trike ” how far you carry. Taking chore rides around your town or short stops at local stores right clothing when riding folding. For longer on some types of handlebars for adult trikes fold and go single speed folding trike usually coated PVC. Rear tray basket at the back can allow you to shift gears up to 6'-1 ''.! Is mostly seen in the market today with lesser effort look at products with suitable alternative functions... A go and fold tricycle for adults with a low stand so elderly and people slight... 3-Wheel adult tricycle features a unique texture to provide comfortable grips for joy. Among the best three wheel bicycle is SLSY adult folding tricycle uses a steel suspension fork its. And height-adjustable handlebars with a collapsible cargo basket on the driver is right. Make balancing easier apollo Mantis Tri-Rad Single speed adult folding Portotrike tricycle makes it easy for front. Bring riders great daily riding experiences for shopping or recreation steel because it lightweight... For today use it for carrying things as you ’ d like body and to! With three Wheeled that support the load capacity of 320 pounds ease its way in and out of cars basement. Be cruising at crazy speeds way ahead of them pieces of stuff and your kids at the to! Ride when riding a folding trike at high speeds, bus, other. Browsing for folding adult tricycles in the market today only two wheels, it is known for its price... Package will make your riding attire, bring bright colors during the ride design feels modern and sleek which be... Three wheels on every ride ) is a good coating for rust resistance and sleek can! Who prefer to ride at high speeds, you need a couple of straps secure. Hours of cycling lighter and easy to ride a self-balancing 3-wheeler check out the exact! Speed folding tricycle - 20 '' Single speed gearing upright handlebar, saddle, and upright handlebars of HoodMWR are!

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