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Vegan takeaway recipes; A recent study involving 48,000 people over 18 years compared the … Read more from The Vegan Factor on BBC Good Food. Finding Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Food. In an effort to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, vegans avoid traditional sources of protein and iron such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs. Nearly everything that isn’t meat is commonly vegan, especially falafel, … In recent years vegan options have further expanded. Is going vegan better for the planet? A vegan saves more than 100 animals per year. A Cornucopia of Vegan Food and Ways to Go Vegan. When dining out, Middle Eastern food is the most consistently vegan-friendly major cuisine. In reality, though, eating vegan doesn’t mean munching on salads every day. Use this handy resource to calculate how many animals you’ve saved so far on your vegan journey!. At its core, the vegan diet relies on tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein packed ingredients like legumes and soy products, and whole grains and pastas. Tuberculosis had been found in 40% of Britain’s dairy cows the year before, and Watson used this to his advantage, claiming that it proved the vegan lifestyle protected people from tainted food. ... Purchasing food for vegan … You can make your transition to a vegan …

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