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Salty Dog (Gin) vs. Greyhound (Vodka) – Winner: Greyhound. Ruby’s bartenders took the Salty Dog or Greyhound a step further by adding a bit of Campari. However, in 2013 in reaction to the sudden and unexpected loss of her beloved Italian Greyhound, Alfonzo, Jodi started the Fonzie Foundation. Salty the Greyhound has her own Instagram page with over 60K followers, and she shows exactly how cute this trait is! Making a few tiny changes to your Greyhound or Gin & Juice can make a tastier, sweeter, and healthier cocktail. Grapefruit lovers: if you haven't discovered it yet, get to know a cocktail called the The Greyhound cocktail is a simple two ingredient drink with vodka and grapefruit juice, although many substitute gin in the recipe. The Greyhound Cocktail Becomes A Salty Dog In A Pinch. I have no clue where this aversion lies within me, but I just don’t like the name. If you rub the rim of the glass with a grapefruit wedge and dip the rim in coarse salt — like you would for a margarita — the drink becomes a Salty Dog. For some reason I’m perturbed by the name Salty Dog. Romy the Italian Greyhound getting salty! It becomes a Salty Dog cocktail by coating the glass rim with a layer of salt or adding a pinch to the punch. Watch Queue Queue Greyhound is a derived term of hound. As verbs the difference between greyhound and hound This video is unavailable. Over the next few years, there were Salty Dog Paddle stores across the USA and the original Salty Dog Surf gifted Jodi the name. As nouns the difference between greyhound and hound is that greyhound is a lean breed of dog used in hunting and racing while hound is a dog, particularly a breed with a good sense of smell developed for hunting other animals (hunt hound, hunting hound, hunting dog, hunter). Scroll down for the recipe. Exercise As they are the fastest, and nearly the fastest dog in the World, many people think that they are high energy, but this really is not the case. Or, you can make a Greyhound with vodka, if you don't care for gin. This drink, the Greyhound, combines gin with grapefruit juice and a little simple syrup.

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