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Place in a spawning tank (20 L or 5 US Gallons or 4 Imperial Gallons) equipped with a protective grid and bushy plants, a male and a female. Image of My Male Diamond Tetra The Diamond Tetra is a tetra unlike most tetras, they don’t have a secondary colour like Neons or Black Phantoms, so they’re pretty plain in terms of that area. Social Behavior and Tankmates. Diamond Tetra male. The tank has to be completely darkened and the light gradually added to induce spawning. However, with the right care, you can “polish” and “refine” this fish so that it … The body is oval shaped and green to silver in color. Male Diamond Tetra, just like in Peacocks, are more colorful and attractive than their female species. The biggest challenge in breeding Diamond Tetra’s is finding a compatible couple…they must be of the same size & age to spawn together. Diamond tetra female. You can set up a filter on peat. The fins are transparent. Like most Tetras, Diamond Tetras are known for their fairly peaceful temperament, hence proving a worthy community fish among its kind. Characins / Characinae / Diamond Tetra Profile: Diamond Tetra, Pittier's Tetra Moenkhausia pittieri SYN: None PD: The fin of the male are quite elongated and silver in color. Pictures by Dimorphism: The Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri) male will have an elongated dorsal fin, while the female's will be relatively short. Also, the female Diamond Tetra will take on a more gravid appearance when ready to reproduce. The female's fins are elongated, but no as much as the male's. As with many tetras, you can breed this species with some knowledge. Temperature 24/26°C or 75/79°F, pH 6.5/7 and very low light.

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