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Don’t hesitate. Buy this classic and enjoy the quest. Final Fantasy Dimensions is a Final Fantasy game for mobile devices. Final Fantasy Dimensions Review. 3:54. Video Review. The first Final Fantasy Dimensions was a delightful old-school adventure reminiscent of the earliest entries in the storied series. Sep 18, 2012. On Feb 18, 2013 11:31 pm, by Tyler Kolb. It is an episodic game, released starting in September 2010 on the i-mode distribution service and winter 2010 for the EZweb distribution service. When Square Enix announced a brand new Final Fantasy adventure that would be exclusive to smartphones, I was both intrigued and worried. Final Fantasy Dimensions delivers the best of Final Fantasy, retro and fresh alike, directly to your smartphone. Final Fantasy: Dimensions is a free download, but the full game is ~$30, depending on whether you buy the chapters all together or one at a time. Final Fantasy Dimensions definitely has the retro-feel to it, but because it hasn’t been previously available, it manages to so far feel fresh and new. Game Reviews Final Fantasy Dimensions Review: A great trip down memory lane. Just what you’d expect from the Final Fantasy series. [Review] Final Fantasy Dimensions Final Fantasy Dimensions ist ein JRPG für Android und iOS das sich an den SNES-Ablegern der Serie orientiert, allen voran an Final Fantasy V. Es spielt nämlich in einer Welt in der Kristalle eine wichtige Rolle spielen und hat außerdem ein Job-System mit 16 unterschiedlichen Berufen zu bieten. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the video review, the soundtrack is stellar. ‘Final Fantasy Dimensions’ Review …

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