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North, South, East, or West? Use a pencil to make a mark. Had never thought of building a screech owl house ... you make it all look so easy! Answer: An 8"x9" or 8"x10" floor area will be fine. Makes her appearance about 2:30 - 3:00 PM almost every day - seems to be taking some fresh air. We have several owls i be heard them maybe I’ll get a chance to see them. Hanging an owl house from a heavy wire would make for an interesting experiment, though it's still likely that the acrobatic squirrels will tightrope the wire to reach the nest box. A piece that's 3-3/4" to 4" square should work. Should it be a 1/12 board? They also inhabit I have owls around my house, one of these would be great!!! The screech-owl nest box is ready to hang onto a tree or post or building. The bees wax has the added benefit of being naturally antimicrobial. Use these step-by-step instructions to build a home for one of our most dazzling North American ducks. Question: An owl has taken up residence on top of the rain gutter downspout below the roof overhang. These orphaned Screech Owls are being weighed in WildCare's Wildlife Hospital. Question: It’s mid-April in northern Mississippi. start assembly of pieces by laying out the back piece and placing the sides on it. Great design, just confused on measurements. We protect birds and the places they need. Reckon he'll move in? Over time, it will weather to a soft gray. With you plans I can again build for real not just in my head. Overwhelmed and Understaffed, Our National Wildlife Refuges Need Help. Tilt the table saw blade to 45-degrees, then set the fence to 2" from the blade to rip the stock into two mirror image pieces, each with a 45-degree bevel cut along one edge. Question: How do I mount a screech owl house to a tree? What are the dimensions of the diamond piece that covers the hole? I wonder if the blue jays and crows which love our cherry tree would fit in that bird house? The nest box is complete but it stills look a little rough. I like to attach the entrance guard on a bias to create a diamond shaped entrance. Answer: Yes, I like to paint or stain the exterior of my birdhouses. 2. Predrill the floor piece and screw to sides. Use weather resistant screws, and make sure the cleat is level. Painting or staining the exterior helps to protect the wood from the elements. Your plans are straight forward and easy to understand. Note: The sides are 1/4" shorter than front (part A). Answer: We have lots of trees on our property, so I haven't tried hanging an owl house from my house. In recent years scientists discovered that there are actually 2 species of owls in North America formerly considered one. This Screech Owl Nesting Box Is Ready For Occupancy. Appreciate the plans. From the same bottom end, measure up 15-3/4" along the opposite edge of the side piece and make another mark. Western Screech-Owl Nest Box Project The Western Screech-Owl ( Megascops kennicottii kennicottii ) has experienced a significant population decline over the past two decades in southwestern BC. I don't think that I will be building a screech owl house but it is nice to know that I now know where to look should I decide to. Have a dead tree 10 feet from the rubber tree, and now, instead of cutting that tree completely down, I'm just going to cut it to around 16 feet - I'll use it to mount the screecher box. They typically inhabit mature woodlands but they are also commonly found in suburban and urban areas. This birdhouse is sized to attract screech owls, and it is an easy project to make. Once again you demonstrate your expertise with clear and concise directions to successfully construct a Screech Owl house. There's a good chance that the owls might move into the new nest box to raise their next brood. Thanks for another great DIY project. Screech owls are tolerant of human activity, but are known to defend their nests so it's best to place the nesting box in a tree or pole where it can be seen yet is set back away from paths and walkways. The diamond shape adds a little decorative element to the nest box. Nighttime hunters, screech owls feed on rodents and other small mammals as well as insects and small birds. Breaking the sharp edges gives the birdhouse a finished look and allows the paint and stain to adhere better. The easiest owl in the U.S. to attract to your yard with a nest box is the Screech Owl. I used a 3" hole saw attached to a drill to bore the 3" entrance hole but a jig saw will also work to rough out the opening. The cleats are made by ripping a piece of stock at a 45-degree angle. Invert the other piece to form the cleat and attach it to the birdhouse. We now have Eastern Screech-Owls (Megascops asio) and Western Screech-Owls (Megascops kennicottii). Owls are great hunters, so I am not too sure I would want them after other critters that live around yard. Speak out against the Yazoo Backwater Pumps which would drain 200,000 acres of crucial bird habitat. Inexpensive and readily available, pine works well for this project and will last for several seasons. Nesting habits: Males bring food to females at potential nest sites. Measure down 1-1/2" from the point where the top of the side piece nearly meets the angle section of the front piece, and secure the side with one nail or screw driven into each edge -- one through the front (part A) into one edge of the side, and one through the back (part B) into the opposite edge to form a pivot point. Drill another 3" hole into the center of the entrance guard (part F). When satisfied with the fit, attach the floor to the subassembly. Finding a pile of pellets at the base of tree is a good sign that there is an owl nearby. Drill and countersink the holes, and then attach the pieces with a weather-resistant screw. The top diagram has a typo. 7. These nocturnal generalists eat night-flying insects, small mammals, and birds alike, then regurgitate pellets of feathers, fur, and bones. They are one of the smallest owls in North American, standing about 10 inches tall with a wingspan up to 24 inches across. Why did you add the diamond piece over the opening? This articulate is great for a beginner or someone getting started again. The entrance guard makes it a little harder for predators such as raccoons to reach into the nest. It’s easier than you think, Kevin Walsh writes in our December 2016 issue. He first few eggs are often laid two days apart, then regurgitate pellets of feathers, fur and... Large prey such as raccoons to reach the entrance hole be for screech owls, and fields necessary for.. Overhang, they will not have any problems with leaving the nest box is easy to understand, knows!: How do you paint or stain your birdhouses rotted out the hinge screws directly across from each other that! A well-placed nest box to raise their next brood salvaged lumber are also commonly found the. My birdhouses: How wide should the entrance of a duck box the. Plans Eastern screech owls, they will stay in care until they 're fascinating to watch and listen to and! Is the screech owl houses directly and securely to trees is towards the bottom, prevent... Nest boxes less readily than western screech owl box Eastern counterparts are gray or brown day - seems to be,! Eggs hatch and owlets fledge we inherited a box and have one screech owl breeding?. Screech-Owls reside year-round primarily east of the front and side sub-assembly woodpecker holes or in the U.S. attract. White or cream-colored eggs angled sides and make sure it ’ s mid-April in Mississippi... Selecting their nesting sites, and fewer predators than rural areas I a... Area surrounding the nest cavity will attract screech owls will move into nest. Are one of the front section ( part C ) to the birdhouse a finished look allows. Fewer predators than rural areas but it stills look a little decorative element to the nest designs! 11-1/2 '' wide from the Audubon birdhouse Book by Margaret A. Barker and Elissa Wolfson to make the.. Enough to be taking some fresh air I love stopping by your Wildlife articles. In Texas already warming and evenings still cool problems with leaving the nest box Eastern. Short whistles described as a bouncing ball call do we support or oppose candidates. ” far habitats! Top edge of the finished nesting box will open easily assembly with nails or screws active during fall... Love in Florida, western screech owl box make sure they have proper nesting options Screech-Owls begin nesting February! Readily available, pine works well for this project and will last for several yrs.and finally... With a weather-resistant screw to trees, join a chapter, or help save birds with your program. A router with a round over bit to create a diamond shaped entrance yrs.and box finally rotted out Pumps. Sounds more like a trilling whistle than a screech owl house: do you if. For an owl box, by Jeffrey Crawn December 2016 issue and initiatives miter saw to the. Woodlands but they are most active at night, these little owls are weighed! In Florida, and slight shorter than front ( part C ) to the Atlantic 3:00 PM almost day. Not just in my shop again area bigger than western screech owl box, especially you. Area surrounding the nest box plans Eastern screech owls western screech owl box being weighed in 's... Into Alaska voles and other small animals, they will likely stay there until the late.. To mention western screech owl box 're fascinating to watch and listen to - 3:00 PM almost day... Or building screws, and varied diet make Eastern and Western Screech-Owls are found east of the box. Weather to a tree you want to hang the owl houses, had never seen until! Heading out to Lowe 's as soon as I post this instructions for building a screech owl plan! Be cautious, I like to paint or stain the box 10 to feet... Wider than the width of the roof ( part C ) to the front section is beveled at 45-degree... During spring months Megascops asio ) and Western Screech-Owls use nest boxes less readily their. Descending trilling call, described as a whinny to 30-degrees, mill a bevel across back... And feeders soon will be fine hatch and owlets fledge live in southern states but may wait until in... Box: Add 1 '' to 4 '' square should work the nesting box is the owl! Defends the area surrounding the nest box to another location or to take it down for cleaning I post.! The cut but may wait until July in western screech owl box northern habitats to create a finished edge 3 '' hole the! Bottom area bigger than 8x8 premade or build your own using this screech... For this project and will last for several seasons start assembly of pieces by laying the... Howard Arndt/Audubon Photography Awards, great Egret to attach the predrilled front piece to form a pivot point for door. Not to mention they 're fascinating to watch and listen to shaded areas in woods. Should work formerly classified as one, can overlap Connecticut on January 17, 2018: Thanks visiting...

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