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If you're preparing the whole ham, it's best to bake it at temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit or … Smoked Ham has usually been wet-cured and then smoked. Spiral-Cut or Spiral Hams are skinned, wet-cured, and pre-cooked, usually coated with a sweet glaze and vacuum packed in plastic wrap. The butt end is meatier and contains more fat than the shank end of the whole ham and can be harder to carve due to the pelvic … Instead of being dry-cured, it is soaked in brine. This allows the cure (salt, sugar and small amounts of nitrites) to better penetrate the meat and cut back on … They usually weigh 7-10 pounds. A big gumdrop shaped portion of a smoked ham. Smoked Ham Rump. Butt End- The Butt End of the Ham refers to the upper cut of the Hog’s hind leg. City ham (also smoked ham, honey ham) is the most familiar to the majority of Americans. You can cut the slices away for sandwiches or breakfast ham or bake the entire ham for a festive meal. Instead of being dry-cured, it is soaked in brine. It is, sometimes, simply smoked without the cure. Hams also come in different Cuts, here are they are: Whole Hams- Whole Hams refers to hams that include the butt and shank cuts of the legs and usually weighs between 10-20 pounds. See Types of Ham for information on different cuts types and features available. Spiral-cut hams are fully cooked, so they only require reheating before they're served.

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