Power Builders…a weekly series about guitar luthiers that go Above and Beyond.

This week, our look into the craft and elements of world renown ‘Super Builders’, we landed on the one and only Kelton Swade of Kelton Swade Guitars. Kelton and I have known each other a short time and I will tell you, we have become close friends. As driven as he is to create the very best guitars imaginable, Kelton is the kind and caring person that makes you proud to know him.

  • his passion – infectious,
  • his expertise – superlative,
  • his guitars – beyond fantastic…they are the best in class,
  • his soul – all of the above and more.

Kelton has spent his 25 plus year career perfecting the feel, sound and look of iconic and timeless guitars. Using seasoned/aged woods and an eye for accurate details his visions are a reality that stand out amongst players, recording/performing artists and collectors alike. His loyal followers are world-wide… and include music royalty that play his guitars with the same passion that went into the build.

Kelton Swade does not ‘relic’ his art…he creates Authentic Vintage Replicas that feel, sound and play like a vintage piece. These are not chain-dragged, razored or stone chipped stock guitars…each one is painstakingly crafted…one at a time by one builder…Kelton himself. He considers them his ‘paintings’.

Using southern musical grade swamp ash, old growth maple and rosewood, each guitar is hand built, one at a time, in his shop near Nashville, Tennessee. No assembly line, no compromising and best of all, at prices that we can afford to indulge in without selling the car! Quality like this is never inexpensive… however I will say that the value is over the top.

I will be getting two of Kelton’s AVRT’s in this week and would like to do some demo’s for you to hear the difference these guitars make!

In our next visit with Kelton Swade Guitars we will ask Kelton some questions about the details that go into each guitar, how he was first inspired to dial these in so incredibly accurately and what plans are upcoming at the shop! There is so much to talk about, we’ll do a few of these with Kelton and include some of his friends and followers to describe how wonderful and man and his guitars truly are…until then, stay safe, abide the rules and we’ll catch you on the next one!

Enjoy the pictures, and please visit www.keltonswadeguitars.com to see more, buy one or two and explore his gallery. You can also visit www.rareguitarshop.com … a new addition to my growing network that is still in ‘raw’ form as we develop a look a feel commensurate with our passion…it’ll get there shortly!

David Peterson, Founder and CEO

David Peterson

David Peterson

My love is music...my passion is guitars. Since 1967 with paper route money in hand, I bought my first guitar and amp. Since then, some 50 plus years later my involvement within the industry has grown and now I am focused on players, musicians and collectors alike to help them keep their treasures, buy pieces that are special to them and help them get top dollar in the marketplace. Guitars ARE collateral in our world !

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