Why Us?

Vintage Guitar ShopYou can build a better mousetrap however creating a whole new category that supports all existing platforms is both exciting and rewarding.
Guitar investors/collectors come in all shapes and forms. Well healed, knowledgeable people that enjoy the “art” and playability of fine instruments, artists that perform and create fantastic music that demand the very best and regular folks that simply adore guitars.
Our model will allow all of them to continue to collect, play and adore guitars while freeing up capital in short order without having to sell their treasures. Perhaps that “one more” or opportunity to jump on a find is the reason. Maybe fast short-term capital is needed. There are endless reasons…
We bring speed, accuracy and integrity to those seeking money. No corner store pawnshop, no bank, no credit checks, no tax, no reporting. Simply put, privacy and ability are our cornerstones.
From our website, click on the service required… buy, sell or finance. We’ll assess the request quickly and make a proposal that could meet expectations in one day once details and photos are uploaded to the request. If satisfied, we email confirmation and a ‘next day’ shipping label. We’ll inspect everything and confirm back, with funds wired in 24 hours. Yes, that simple.
Everything will be fully insured from shipment date to return date through our master policy to eliminate any loss to you, our customer. Our facilities are climate controlled and humidity regulated… We GET IT!
Perhaps an outright ‘sell’ was the choice… we are equipped to close on the sale in lightning speed with funds available within 24 hours of verification.
We want to ensure your hard-earned collections are respected, valued and allow for some financial flexibility without the pain or frustration banks put us all through… fast, friendly and seamless with respect and integrity. What a concept!

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